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Those underground

"Listen to the secret rumbling
of those in the dark."
Jorge Arbeleche

For years I’ve zealously
watched my back
because I know they are looking
for my wings with a knife.
As if it was dangerous
to go through life as a shepherd of clouds
or ruffling the hair of store-front dummies
catching the scent of souls in torment
thirty kilometres away.

I’ve seen a man
chewing his toenails
in a dark basement
filled with scorpions
and birds in mourning
chasing my hands
asking the dead
where the young poet
with the tough verses

And there’s no way out of it:
if I hide, they land;
if I squat down, they fly over,
and digging with a chisel
through the everlasting garbage
right down to the roots of the teeth,
they weave and then untangle
the sticky dirty
freezing web.

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© 2009 Jorge Palma - -